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Fairy Tales

Ballard-Hilton Wedding

It was March 2012 when Mikey and Jessica first met. Having met through friends, they immediately hit it off. Mikey was working long hours at a very demanding job, while Jessica was working the night shift at a hospital, which required long hours and most weekends. Despite their busy lives, the connection that the two had forced them to make time in their schedules for one other.

Grubb-Owens Wedding

It was in the halls of Princeton Senior High School that Audrea and Erik met. Erik thought that Audrea was a cute little freshman and she thought he was a dreamy-looking senior; however, the two remained friends.
As the years went by, they kept seeing one another at social events, but saying, "Hi," was where the night would always end. That was until Erik sent Audrea a friend request because he knew he had to take her on a date to see where things would go.

"I knew after about one month of being together that I wanted to be his wife one day."-Audrea

Hill-Kuhn Wedding

It was a long day of painting during the Summer of 2014 when Spencer and Holly met, working together with another individual while passing the time by listening to music.

As the days went on, Holly headed back to college, as Spencer set up for the new winter season. A few short months later, Holly returned to work as a night shift manager, but Spencer was on the morning shift, leaving little time for them to see one another, other than between shift changes.


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