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Wedding Info Request

Let's plan your big day! Take a few moments to fill out each section of the questionnaire below so we can better serve you and help with all the planning. Not only can we provide you with a truly beautiful place to take your vows, we can also provide catering, a wait staff, and lodging for you and your guests!

Personal Details
We can't wait to help you plan your big day. Tell us some things about yourself!
We would love to tell the world about your special love story! Do we have your permission to feature your wedding in our Fairy Tales At Skyline? This will be a blog post that we will share on our social media pages. If you agree, we will ask you a few details about your love story to help us better write your story into our blog.
How did you meet one another? Was it a friend who introduced you, were you working together, etc?
What led up to the first kiss you shared with him/her? Where were you at? Were you nervous or did it just happen?
Describe when you first realized you were falling in love!
Give us as many other details and accounts how you and your future spouse came together! Don't be afraid to be mushy!

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