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Event Space Giveaway

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Hill-Kuhn Wedding

It was a long day of painting during the Summer of 2014 when Spencer and Holly met, working together with another individual while passing the time by listening to music. As the days went on, Holly headed back to college, as Spencer set up for the new winter season. A...

Grubb-Owens Wedding

It was in the halls of Princeton Senior High School that Audrea and Erik met. Erik thought that Audrea was a cute little freshman and she thought he was a dreamy-looking senior; however, the two remained friends. As the years went by, they kept seeing one another at...

Ballard-Hilton Wedding

It was March 2012 when Mikey and Jessica first met. Having met through friends, they immediately hit it off. Mikey was working long hours at a very demanding job, while Jessica was working the night shift at a hospital, which required long hours and most weekends....